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Navigating the vibrant landscapes of India and South Africa?

Whether you're an Indian business venturing into the heart of South Africa or a South African enterprise aiming to tap into the Indian market's vast potential, IABB is your compass. With expertise in finance, mining, IT, diamonds, manufacturing, pharma, real estate, and tourism, we're here to shape your international business aspirations.


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Our Journey, Our Mission

Founded by a group of visionary entrepreneurs who recognised the untapped potential of business collaboration between India and South Africa, IABB is a landmark for corporations. Our mission is to simplify, guide, and nurture businesses, helping them thrive in foreign landscapes. With a rich tapestry of market insights, regulatory knowledge, and on-ground experience, we aim to bring economies closer, one successful business story at a time.

  • Visionary Leadership: IABB was founded by visionary entrepreneurs who recognized the immense potential for business collaboration between India and South Africa.
  • Simplifying Business: IABB's mission is to simplify and guide businesses, enabling them to thrive in foreign markets. They aim to make the process of international business more accessible and manageable.
  • Market Insights and Expertise: IABB offers a wealth of market insights and regulatory knowledge. Their on-ground experience in both India and South Africa positions them as experts in facilitating successful business ventures between the two nations.


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Market Entry Strategy & Guidance for South Africa

South Africa offers immense business potential with its rich resources, dynamic industries, and strategic position in Africa.

Business Matchmaking-SA

Business matchmaking in South Africa can be a game-changer, especially for entities unfamiliar with the local landscape.

Regulatory & Compliance Assistance-SA

Navigating the regulatory landscape in South Africa demands thoroughness, attention to detail, and local expertise.

Local Knowledge & Insights-India

With its millennia-old history, myriad cultures, and a rapidly evolving economic landscapes.

Regulatory & Compliance Assistance-India

As one of the world's largest and fastest-growing economies, India presents many business opportunities.

Market Entry Strategy & Guidance for India

With its vast population, diverse & rapidly evolving business landscape, India offers abundant opportunities.

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We're here to assist if you're ready to embark on a transformative business journey, bridging the gap between potential and success. Reach out to our team and let's co-author your international success story.

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Information Technology (IT)-SA

The IT sector in South Africa offers a mix of challenges and opportunities. The rewards can be significant for businesses and investors willing to navigate its unique landscape

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Pharmaceutical- SA

South Africa's pharmaceutical industry is among the most developed in Africa, catering to the domestic population and serving as a hub for the continent.

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Real Estate-SA

The real estate vertical in South Africa is a tapestry of opportunities and challenges, reflecting the nation's socio-economic dynamics.

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South Africa's mining sector is a world leader known for its gold, platinum, and diamond reserves, offering extensive collaboration and investment prospects.

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Diamond Manufacturing-SA

South Africa, renowned for its abundant mineral wealth, has been intrinsically linked with diamonds since the historic discovery of the Star of South Africa diamond in 1869.

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South Africa, often called the "Rainbow Nation," is a prime destination for tourists worldwide. Its natural beauty, wildlife, cultural richness, and historical significance.

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South Africa's manufacturing sector is diverse and well-established, from automobile assembly to electronics. Its strategic location and port facilities make it optimal.

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Information Technology (IT)-India

The IT sector in India has transformed the country's image from a traditional agrarian economy to a modern tech hub with its ability to adapt to global tech trends.

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Pharmaceutical industry-India

India's pharmaceutical sector is often termed the "Pharmacy of the World." This is because India provides a significant proportion of generic drugs globally.

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Real Estate industry-India

Real estate is one of the most significant sectors in the Indian economy: revenue generation and employment. The industry comprises four sub-sectors - housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial.

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Diamond Manufacturing industry-India

India holds a distinguished position in the global diamond market, particularly in processing rough diamonds. The country is renowned for its skilled workforce.

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Manufacturing industry-India

The manufacturing industry in India has traditionally been one of the country's core industrial sectors also with initiatives such as 'Make in India'.

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Whether you're a start-up in the IT realm, a pharmaceutical giant, or a real estate mogul, our dedicated teams for each sector are ready to guide you through your international business journey. Connect with our specialists today and dive deep into the ocean of opportunities in your business vertical.

This structure lays out the sectors you focus on, providing a snapshot of India and South Africa opportunities for each industry. This can serve as a dedicated page or section on your website to give visitors a clear idea of your areas of expertise and focus.

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Unveiling inspiring stories of businesses that embarked on an international journey with IABB. Dive deep into their experiences, challenges, and victories. Learn how we tailored our strategies to ensure their success across borders.

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Michael Johnson

Ceo & Founder

Working with IABB was a game-changer for our business expansion into South Africa. Their deep market insights and unwavering support made a complex process feel seamless. We couldn't have asked for better partners.

Sara Wilsson


IABB's expertise in navigating regulatory landscapes was invaluable to us. They not only simplified the process but also connected us with local resources that accelerated our market entry. Highly recommended.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

"IABB's hands-on approach made all the difference. They not only helped us set up operations but also provided continuous support in areas like talent acquisition and compliance. Their dedication to our success was evident throughout our journey.

Ganesh Baisane


As a tech startup, we needed a partner who understood the nuances of the South African market. IABB not only provided strategic guidance but also facilitated connections within the local tech ecosystem. Their support was instrumental in our success.

John Larson


IABB's commitment to nurturing businesses is commendable. They went beyond the traditional advisory role and actively facilitated partnerships and collaborations that have had a lasting impact on our business.


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